Valentine Poems: How to Email or Print

UPDATE: Nice collection of love poems selected by authors at the Guardian Books page (no audio, though).

Litagogo's Valentine Poem Selection
You can email any of these copyright-free poems ("The Sun Rising," "One Day I Wrote Her Name," "In a Gondola," A Birthday," "Sonnets are Full of Love" {for Mom},"Wild Nights," "A Red, Red Rose," "Venus Transiens," or, if lunar bodies have ceased aligning, "They Flee From Me" ) to your beloved by clicking on the small envelope symbol (looks like an "M") at the end of each poem post. Blogger will pop up an email form. Enter your name and the email address. In the Message box, type something like: "Dear Crumpet, Please copy and paste the link below to see the words that made me think of you. xoxoxo Sweetums." If your recipient is not web-savvy, you can explain that they copy (control+c) the string starting with "http" and paste (control+v) it in the address strip at the top of their browser and give Return a love-tap.

If you're going to be in the physical presence of your inamorata/inamorato today, you can copy the poem text, paste it into a Word doc, print it, and fashion it into a homemade Valentine. If you print out the first page of this post, you can cut out the picture of Prince Frog-Rose above and make a small card.