Best Alice Munro Interview Re-Podcasted

Rose for Alice Munro

I'm beyond delighted that Eleanor Wachtel is re-podcasting her classic 2004 interview with Alice Munro to celebrate Munro's 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature. If I were you I'd download it immediately, before it expires (see download link below).

Munro and Wachtel talk in Munro's local lunch spot and it's one of my favorite author audio interviews ever. Their conversation fizzes with humor and intelligence, and covers almost everything a Munro fan would want to know, as I wrote in an earlier post:

"The interview lasts about an hour. It encompasses the arc of Munro's life and career, her opinions on adultery and hardship in fiction, her childhood in rural Ontario and how a scholarship launched her into the wider world, her frustration with the heroines of Tolstoy, her intimation of the sex in Austen, the unconscious theme of the stories in Runaway, the differing nature of her relationships with her mother and father, and her exploratory composition method." 

You can listen to it online here at CBC's Writers & Company webpage, or:

You can download the conversation with Wachtel and Munro for longterm keeping from the Writer's & Company iTunes podcast listing.

N.B. This particular Writers and Company podcast will probably go offline sometime in the next six months. Download NOW if you want to listen again later!